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Building A Brief Legal Services Helpline From The Ground Up Level 4 / Sapphire 400Erin Cody • Nicole Komin Delivering Innovative And Inclusive Services For Transgender Individuals Level 4 / Saphhire IKirsten Anderson • Simone Chriss • Joesph Schieffer Equal Justice For Families: Effective Interdisciplinary Solutions 'Level 4 / Saphhire E RJ Lawyering 101:enacting An Intersectional Analysis To The Practice Of Law Level 4 / Sapphire DSequoia Ayala Incubating Innovation in the Aloha and Midnight Sun States: Updates on the Justice Portal Initiative Level 4 / Sapphire 411Nalani Fujimori Kaina • Stacey Marz • Glenn Rawdon Educating Legislators About Legal Aid 2.0 Level 3 / Aqua ECarol Bergman • Nikole Nelson • Jim Sandman • Vicky Selkowe • Betty Balli Torres Tapping the Power of the Media to Engage Key Audiences: Op-eds, Story Placement and More Level 4 / Sapphire AMartha Bergmark Beyond The Pro Bono Manual: Mobile-Centric Strategies To Engage And Support Level 3 / Aqua CMike Grunenwald • Barbara Sigel Discovering Pro Bono Design Inspiration in Non-Legal and Legal Volunteer Models Level 4 / Saphhire PXavier Leonard • Ariella Morrison • Renee Schomp Integrating Senior Attorney Volunteers Into The Core Services Of Your Organization 'Level 4 / Sapphire 410Thomas Barnard • Deborah Coleman • David Kutik • Ann McGowan Porath • Gerald Riemenschneider Meader Rachel Opening Doors for Marginalized Entrepreneurs Level 4 / Sapphire LAndrea Beleno • Darryl Maxwell • Chrisopher McCauley State Funding Roundtable: Sharing Experiences for Future Success! Level 4 / Sapphire HMeredith McBurney Due Process & Ethics In The Age Of Tech And Innovations In The Justice System (ETHICS) 'Level 4 / Saphhire MAbhijeet Chavan • Jonathon Pyle • Angela Tripp



Assessing Outcomes Of Systemic Work: Strong Results And Powerful Stories Level 4 / Sapphire DCatherine Carr • Alex Gulotta • Ken Smith Beyond The Hotline: Expanding Through Live Chat And Pro Bono Level 4 / Sapphire IQuisquella Addison • Melissa LaRocco • Eve Ricurte Business Process Improvement: Tackling Hard Challenges To Serving Clients Level 3 / Aqua EAmy Burns • Kristen Lentz • Illenia Sanchez-Bryson Hidden Immigration Issues in the Trump Era & the Important Role of Pro Bono 'Level 4 / Saphhire 411Catherine Wagner Calderaro • Katherine Carroll • Susan Hoffman • Joseph Sullivan Hot Topics in Legal Aid Level 4 / Sapphire 410Lora Livingston • James Sandman • Don Saunders Getting Back To Our Community Roots: Anchoring Legal Aid In Health Centers Through Medical-Legal Partnerships Level 4 / Sapphire PEllen Lawnton Limited Scope, Far-Reaching Impact On ATJ 'Level 4 / Sapphire MBob Glaves • Danielle Hirsh • Will Hornsby • Samira Nazeem Increase and Support Pro Bono Assistance on Limited English Proficient (LEP) Cases Level 4 / Sapphire A Perfect Pro Bono Attorneys: Defining Greatness & Creating More Level 4 / Sapphire ELise Adams • Rene Kathawala • Michael Winn Leading for Fundraising Success: an MIE Seminar for Executive Directors and Other Management Staff Level 4 / Sapphire LSilvia Argueta • Martin Ellin Show Me The Money: The Role Of Law Firms In Public Civil Legal Aid Funding Level 3 / Aqua Salon DJames Bamberger • Carol Bergman • Steve Schulman Equal Access To Rental Housing: Fighting Subsidy And Racial Discrimination 'Level 4 / Saphhire 400Scott Chang • Ilene Jacobs • Becky Mosely • Renee Williams The Disaster is Gone -- so Are My Volunteers! Strategies for Pro Bono Engagement During the Response and Recovery Process. Level 3 / Aqua FPablo Javier Almaguer • Jeffrey Baker • Michael Hofrichter • Elizabeth Hom • Karen Korr Combating Hate: A National Campaign to Protect and Defend Targets of Hate Level 3 / Aqua CShirlethia Franklin • Barbara Mack Harding • Becky Monroe



Anything But In Person Level 3 / Aqua DStacey Marz • Mike William • Mary Zimmerman Delivery Innovations In Referrals From A Senior Legal Hotline Level 4 / Saphhire HEllen Cheek • Laurie Dale • Keith Morris • Mike Walters Developments in Public Service Loan Forgiveness Level 4 / Sapphire LDavid Miller • Radhika Singh Tech Usage In Legal Aid: Gaining Insights From Data, Trends, And Baselines Level 4 / Sapphire EDavid Bonebrake • Glenn Rawdon • Jane Ribadeneyra MIE Roundtable For Legal Services Executive Directors And Managers Level 4 / Sapphire IJacquelynne Bowman • Jan Allen May • Patricia Pap Courts, Legal Aid, And Self Help Centers Working Together To Help Many Level 4 / Sapphire 410Claudia Johnson Developing Partnerships for Legal Field Research Level 4 / Sapphire MApril Faith-Slaker • Amy Johnson • Ellen Lawton Road Maps For Justice: Pro Se Litigants In Federal Court Level 4 / Sapphire 411Cat Itaya • Sharon Katz • Hans Romo Clinic Is Not A 4 Letter Word: Creating Impactful Pro Bono Clinics Level 4 / Sapphire PBrenna DeVaney • Adam Heintz Using Technology & Savvy Marketing to Mobilize Pro Bono Attorneys 'Level 4 / Saphhire APatrick Fodell • Ericka Garcia • Jeanne Nishimoto • Whitney Untiedt Creating And Funding Legal Services For Youth Experiencing Homelessness Level 3 / Aqua ELinda Britton • Amy Horton-Newell • Erin Palacaios • Whiquitta Tobar Fines and Fees: Changes and Challenges Level 3 / Aqua CLisa Foster • Brandon Greene • Jo-Ann Wallace • Theresa Zhen New York City's Groundbreaking New Right to Counsel in Evictions: A Critical Piece in the Struggle for Housing Justice Level 4 / Sapphire D


Friday, May 11



It Takes A Village: Getting New Stakeholders Involved With Achieving Access 'Level 4 / Sapphire HMark Juhas • Jennifer Lechner • Lillian Moy • William Sailer Research Findings From The Shriver Civil Counsel Pilot Project Level 4 / Sapphire 411Bonnie Hough • Kelly Jarvis Using State/National Americorps Members To Close The Justice Gap Level 3 / Aqua FAmy Copperman • Angela Lovitt • Allison Paul • Meghan Scott Walking Our Race Equity Talk Together Level 4 / Sapphire MKimberly Merchant • Diana Singleton • Jennifer Werdell #Engage: Get social (media) with your volunteers, board members, clients, and more! Level 4 / Sapphire LMaria Duvuvuei • Claud Nelson • Julia Wilson 50 Tech Tips Level 4 / Sapphire ADavid Bonebrake • Liz Keith • Glenn Rawdon • Jane Ribadeneyra Using Free Videoconferencing Technology To Expand Access To Justice Level 4 / Sapphire 400Leah Boucek • John Henzl • Melanie Snider Collaborating To Engage Future Pro Bono Leaders Level 3 / Aqua EMarlene Halpern • Marcia Levy • Laren Spirer • Benjamin Weinberg Collaborations with Corporations Level 4 / Sapphire EMarnie Berk • Brenna DeVaney • Jennifer Kroman • Erin Law • Benjamin Rader Paralegal Pro Bono Roundtable (ETHICS) Level 4 / Sapphire IChristine Flynn • Teresa Scharf Pro Bono Infrastructure: The Top Ten State Laws & Policies for Promoting Pro Bono Level 3 / Aqua DJames Gamble • Latonia Haney Keith • Cheryl Zalenski Engaging Attorneys In Transition In Your Resource Development Programming 'Level 4 / Saphhire DAnna Cruz • Sam Prince • Phong Wong



Helping Self-Represented Domestic Violence Survivors With Evidence 'Level 4 / Saphhire 410Ian Harris • Amanda Kay Oh, The Cool Things We Can Do Together! Level 5 / Cobalt 500Anna Maria Garcia • Bonnie Hough • Stacey Marz SWEET: Social Workers And Esquires Engaged Together Level 4 / Sapphire AAlexa Giardino • Elena Kilcullen • Daniella Lachina New Age Of Immigration: Impact On Communities Of Color Level 4 / Sapphire ETonya Douglas Using Community Lawyering To Promote Racial And Economic Justice Level 4 / Sapphire 411Carrie Vaughn Cromey • Oscar Londoño • Natalie Maxwell Automated workflow: A legal helpline case study Level 4 / Sapphire HLucas Bell • Timothy Hughes • Anna Pruitt Developing Technology To Develop Justice Level 4 / Saphhire IWilliam Palm • Jonathan Pyle • Erika Rickard How To Start A Transgender Law Clinic In Today's Political Environment – What Went Right (And What Didn’t) From Some People Who Did It Level 3 / Aqua FDannie Cesena • Anna Strasburg Davis • Stephen Hicklin Investments in Innovation: Transformation in Legal Aid Pro Bono 'Level 4 / Sapphire LErika Garcia • Sandhya Kidd • Mytrang Nguyen • Joseph Padilla • Jeff Ponting Using Behavioral/Social Sciences As A Next Step In Improving Legal Services Level 4 / Sapphire 400Sophie Bryan • Adam Murray • Patricia Nix-Hodes What’s On the Horizon: Latest News from ABA Free Legal Answers Level 4 / Sapphire MTali K. Albukerk • Hannah Allison • Margaret Hagan • George (Buck) Lewis Cy Pres Awards and Legal Aid: A Win-Win Solution for All Level 4 / Sapphire PSalena Copeland • Bob Glaves Breaking Free: Pro Bono Anti-Human Trafficking Litigation Level 4 / Sapphire DPatrick Arnez • Faith Morse • Vincent Nappo • Martina Vandenberg We Cannot Grow Enough Zucchini: Why Hunger In America Demands Lawyers Respond Level 3 / Aqua EDavid Lash • Abby Leibman • Al Wallis



Creating Your Own Justice League: The Legal Services Alabama High Impact Team Level 4 / Saphhire EJoseph Abrams • Michael Forton • Farah Majid Looking At The Next Level Of Service Delivery 'Level 4 / Sapphire PLaurie Heer Dale • Keith Morris • Katie Strickfaden Understanding Your Community For Targeted Outreach Level 4 / Sapphire MRenee Danser • Danielle Hirsh • Joseph Sullivan VetLex - An Innovation For Connecting Veterans To Lawyers Level 4 / Sapphire HHolly Christian • Brian Longo • Devin Winklosky • Zach Zarnow Kicking Our Addiction to The War On Drugs: Holistic Strategies to Combat the "Collateral" Civil Consequences 'Level 4 / Saphhire 411Rosa Cohen-Cruz • Alice Fontier • Runa Rajagopal A Client Centered Approach to Technological Solutions for Service Delivery 'Level 3 / Aqua ESandhya Kidd • Sara Raffer Lee • Angie Wagenhals • Mary Zimmerman We've Got Sunshine in Our Pocket...and Other Ways to Ensure Access to Justice Level 3 / Aqua FNalani Fujimori Kaina • Allison Paul • Julia Wilson Who Me, Biased? - Recognizing & Responding to Bias & and Microaggression in the Legal Profession Level 4 / Sapphire ALatonia Haney Keith • Lillian Moy Collaborating With Other Organizations To Increase Access And Resources Level 4 / Sapphire IJuliet Holmes-Smith Tackling The Opioid Epidemic On Two Fronts Through Medical-Legal Partnership Level 4 / Sapphire 400Jay Chaudhary Creating A Pro Bono Partnership To Close The School-To-Prison-Pipeline Level 5 / Cobalt 500Michele Scavongelli • Alison Sclater Master Your Pro Bono Universe: Developing A Framework For Pro Bono Management 'Level 4 / Sapphire L Win-Win: Opportunities For Pro Bono Volunteers In Elder Justice Level 4 / Sapphire DAnna Burns • Diego Cartagena • Adam Robert Teitelbaum Working The Room For Justice: Building Successful Relationships in Pro Bono and Legal Aid Level 3 / Aqua DDebra Baker • Julie LaEace • Phong Wong Project Safety: A collaborative service model for serving victims of crime Level 4 / Sapphire 410Riddhi Mukhopadhyay • Connie Ritchie • Natasha Wilson


Advancing Your Work Through Federal Funding: Human Trafficking, Reentry, and Veterans Level 4 / Sapphire AArielle Altman • Ken Babcock • Karen Lash, Lorin Kline • Andrea Loney • Kate Marr • Maxine Pulliam Face To Face Family Preparation Planning For Deportation 'Level 4 / Saphhire H Multi-faceted Approach to Increasing Seniors' Access to Justice in Rural Communities Level 5 / Cobalt 500 Ombudsman Partnership With Legal Services: A Model Approach To Advocating Level 4 / Sapphire 400Kelly Barrett • Lindsay Heckler 15 Steps to a More LGBT Inclusive Program Level 4 / Sapphire 411Lisa Cisneros • Xander Karsten • Lillian Moy • James Sandman A Statewide Collaborative Pro Bono Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Project Level 4 / Sapphire DPablo Almaguer • Linda Good • William Marple Cracking The Code: "Mentoring And Supervision" Of Pro Bono Attorneys Level 4 / Saphhire IFarah Majid • Kelly Tautges • Julia Wilson Legal Risk Management For Advocacy Nonprofits In A Time Of National Change 'Level 4 / Sapphire 410Gloria Chun • Sean Delany • Elizabeth Guggenheimer • Rebecca O'Toole A New Tool of Civil Practice: Victims' Rights Enforcement 'Level 4 / Saphhire MAnna Cofell • Meg Garvin • Kathrina Peterson Civil Right to Counsel in the Trump Era: Protecting Vulnerable Communities from Fees/Fines, Deportation, Increased Inequity, and More Level 4 / Sapphire PAhilan Arulanantham • Lisa Foster • John Pollock • Andrew Sherer Creating a Legal Service Roadmap to Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency Level 4 / Sapphire EMartin Costello • John Eidleman • Lisa Garvin • Shirley Pang The Criminalization of Poverty: Homelessness, Bail Reform and Employment Level 4 / Sapphire LTristia Bauman • Geoff Biegler • Samantha Howell
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